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New photos and updated blog.



New photos and updated blog.



Little Monza, Aziz Milad, went to his first BOB and CAC at Joensuu G1, 3/10 under Mr. Nebosja Savicic, Serbia.

BOB Aziz Milad & BOS Khalils Qadira a Qadar with Mr. Nebosja Savicic, Serbia.
Photo Niina Bamberg.



Ylivieska Int 20.7.2013

Potter was BOS under Mrs. Saija Juutilainen, Finland.



Potter has got many great placements in dog shows this year, but best of all was his great success at Finnish Saluki Specialty weekend: Potter was Best Male -4 at Specialty and BOS at Saluki Show. Potter has been the Best Male during Finnish Saluki Weekend now four times, 2008, 2010, 2011 (Specialty) and 2013 (Show). 2011 Potter was BIS at Specialty.

Potter BOS & Sunfire Fahimah Al-Nil BIS with judges Lisa and John Hudson and breeders Stina and Janette Jalkanen.
Photo SSaK.


Kajaani 12.1.2013

Jago Best Male -2 under judge Tuula Plathan, Finland.


Helsinki Int 9.12.2012

Potter Best Male -2 under judge Lotta Brun, Norway.


Helsinki Int 8.12.2012

Potter Best Male -2 under judge Pamela Mottershaw, Great Britain.
Jago Exl-2 CQ.


Jyväskylä Int, judge Eddie Patterson, Ireland. Potter was Best Male -2 and Jago BOB Veteran. BOB was Potter's brother Aziz Chakad. Aziz kennel was BIS-3 Breeders Croup.

Aziz BIS-3 Breeders Group.



Seinäjoki Int, judge Matti Luoso, Finland. Potter won the champion class and was Best Male -2 with CACIB. Jago got Exc-2 with CQ.


AND MONZA CAME TO TOWN! Aziz Milad moved to our family.

Aziz Milad



Turku Int, judge Cristophe Coppel, France. Potter BOS and Jago got Exc-4 in Veteran class.



Porvoo. Potter was Best of Breed and later Best in Group -3, judges were Hans Almgren, Sweden and Matti Luoso, Finland. Jago got Exc-2 with CQ in Veteran class and was one of those Aziz salukies who were in BIS-3 Breeders Group.

Potter BOB, Hans Almgren, Sweden and BOS Aziz Jalila.

Aziz BIS-3 Breeders Group.


Heinola, judge Massimiliano Mannucci, Italy. Potter and Jago were two of the most ugliest salukies of that show (8 saluki males in the ring) in spite of Jago was BOB Veteran with very bad critique. You can not always be in the winners team..



Kouvola, judge Juha Putkonen, Finland. Potter BOS and his daughter Aziz Ishtar BOB and BIG-4.



Kuopio Int
Potter was BOB on Saturday and on Sunday he was BOB and also BIG-2. Jago was BOB Veteran on Friday and on Saturday, on Sunday he was BOS Veteran. Potter's kids (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat, born on 10.4.2010) Aziz Inam, Aziz Ihsan and Aziz Ishtar finished their Finnish Champion titles, Ishtar with CACIB and Ihsan with reserve-CACIB wich will turn later on CACIB.

Best in Grouf -2 with judge Mr. R. Doedinjs, Netherland


3.8.2012 Jago BOB and Aziz Shalil BOS Veteran under judge Nicola Imbimbo, Italy.


Tammsvik Sighthound Specialty, Sweden
Jago got third placement in veteran class.



Tammsvik, Swedish Saluki Specialty
Potter got third placement in champion class with CK.



Oulu Int, judge Robert Blümel, Austria. Jago Best Dog -2, BOB Veteran and BIS-3 Veteran, Potter Best Dog -3.

Aziz Uzziah BIS-2 Veteran in Oulu Int'l Dog Show
Jago, Aziz Uzziah, Best in Show -3 Veteran in Oulu Int'l Dog Show.


Joensuu Int, judge Beatrix Märki-Casanova, Switzerland. Potter Best Dog -2 and his son Aziz Inam again CAC. Jago EXC-2 CQ with enthusiastic appearance, which is typical for him nowadays.


Joensuu national, judge Christian Vantu, Romania.
Potter BOS and his son Aziz Inam got CAC in his second show. Jago was shown in veteran class, ECX-2 CQ.

Photo Mari Riitinki.

Photo Mari Riitinki.


Tampere Int 13.5.2012, judge Espen Engh, Norway. Potter got Best Dog - 2 placement among 29 saluki males.


Lahti Int 29.4.2012, judge Säde Hohteri, Finland. 80 salukis in the ring!
Potter was BOB and BIG-4.


Vaasa Int 15.4.2012
Potter was BOS under judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland.


Lappeenranta 9.4.2012
Potter was BOS under judge Tino Pehar, Croatia.



Kaarina G10, 3.3.2012
Potter BD-2 from among 28 saluki males under judge Henrik Härling, Sweden.


Tuusniemi G 1, 3&10, 25.2.2012
Potter BIS-2 under judges Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland (breed), Henrik Johansson, Sweden (group 3&10) and Kurt Nilsson, Sweden (BIS).

Aziz Cane Zadan BIS-2 in Tuusniemi 2012


Tarinoita taas pitkästä aikaa. Some stories, in Finnish only, sorry.


Wonderful moments in Finnish Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans Gala with the most beautiful show dogs of the year 2011. Potter and his mother Aziz Shalil were the only salukis in the limelight. Shali was among 8 best veterans and in champions Potter was the best sigthhound, three times on catwalk. Potter was handled joyful by Sanja Ekblad.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Pasi Soininen

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Pasi Soininen

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Pasi Soininen

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Pasi Soininen


Turku Int Dog Show 21.1.2012
Potter Best Dog -2 under judge Matti Tuominen, Finland.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Potter in the ring with Sanja Ekblad. Photo Nicky.


Kajaani Int Dog Show 14.1.2012
Potter BOS and Jago BOS veteran under judge Zorija Salijevic, Sweden

Aziz Cane Zadan
Potter was handled with Pasi Soininen. Photo Sanja Ekblad

Aziz Uzziah
BOS veteran Aziz Uzziah. Photo Sanja Ekblad.


Potter is again the best saluki male of the year 2011 in Finland, the most winning saluki male of the year 2011, TOP-saluki of the year 2011, the best saluki male in shows + coursing in Finland and the third best Sighthound of the year 2011. Thank you for this wonderful boy: the breeder Aziz Salukis, Stina and Janette Jalkanen, beautiful mother Shali, C.I.B. Aziz Shalil (who was also the best veteran saluki bitch and TOP dam of the year 2011 in Finland) with her owners Sanja Ekblad and Pasi Soininen, great father Viggo, C.I.B. & C.I.C. Al-Shên Naar el Shaitaan with his owner Camilla Haglund.

Aziz Cane Zadan


Jyväskylä Int 20.11.2011
Potter BOB and BIG-2 under judge Frank Kane, UK.

Aziz Cane Zadan BOB, Aziz Fazel BOS
BOB Aziz Cane Zadan, Mr. Frank Kane, UK and BOS Aziz Fazel.
Photo Sanja Ekblad.


Jyväskylä Int 19.11.2011
Potter's son Aziz Ijaz (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) was BOS with CAC and CACIB under judge Robert Blümel, Austria. Potter was BD-3.

Aziz Ijaz
Aziz Ijaz, BOS with CAC and CACIB. Photo Sanja Ekblad.


Seinäjoki Int 30.10.2011

Potter BOB and BIG-2 under judge Petter Fodstadt, Norway

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Dagmar Klein


New photogallery



Sighthound Speciality, Tampere. Judge Stephen Wheeler, Sweden.
Potter Best Male -2 and Jago winner of Working class. Potter's son Aziz Ijas got his second CAC.


European Dog Show, Leeuwarden.
Potter's son Aziz Ihsan, Ice, is European Junior Winner -2011! Look more here


Oslo INT, Jago Best Male -2, judge Knut Blütecher, Norway.

Aziz Ihsan, Ice, Best Male -4 with CAC.

Jago in the ring.


Norwegian Saluki Specialty, Jago Best Male -4. Judge Juan Carlos Vasconsellos, Paraguay.


Joensuu, judge Kenneth Edh, Sweden.
Potter BOS, Jago Best Male -3.

Jago the Priest, never smiled in the ring in 8 years.
Now he is full of enthusiasm - and smile!


Joensuu INT, Potter Best Male -3 and Jago Best Male -4, Aziz Ishtar (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) Best Bitch -4, BOB-junior with her third CAC! Judge Gabriela Veiga, Portugal.

Aziz Ishtar, Sofia. Photo PaS&SE (?)


Kuopio Int'l Dog Show, judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland and group Saija Juutilainen, Finland: Potter BOB and BIG-3 and Jago Best Male -4!

Photo TEXTerri

Photo PaS & SE


Finnish Saluki Specialty, about 190 salukis entered:

Potter, Aziz Cane Zadan, was Best In Show judged by Säde Hohteri! His fourth Finnish Specialty and third Best Male placement!

Judges Saija Juutilainen and Säde Hohteri with the stars,
BOS Hadayan Maxima and SBIS Aziz Cane Zadan.
See more photos on Potter's own site.


Jago, Aziz Uzziah second in working class.


Potter Best of Breed and Best of Group and Best in Show -2 in Helsinki Int,
judges Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden /breed, Rony Doedijns (The Netherlands) /group,
Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden /BIS.

Photo Outi Toni

BOB Aziz Cane Zadan, BOS Aziz Xanom


Potter won Estonian lure coursing competition and Jago was the runner-up.


13. päivä ja perjantai
Takhtiikka-mies lähti. Ikävä on suunnaton. Joskus myöhemmin enemmän.
Our little Worm Guy, Takhta, left us. We miss him too much to write


What a weekend!

7.5. Suomi-Cup 2011, competition for best Finnish coursing sighthounds: Potter got third placement (and was the first dog without CAC).

8.5. Tampere Int Dog Show, Potter Best Dog -2 and winner of champion class after very grazy performance in the ring. He had again fun and great feelings more than needed ;) and we were pining for his own handler.


New photos and new posts on the blog



Lappeenranta Int, judge Ivana Bakal, Croatia.
Potter was the last in Champion Class, his daughter Aziz Izzah, Helmi, won junior bitches with CQ.

Potter and his daugter Helmi.

4. Potter, 1. El Ubaid's Kalimantan, 3. El-Ubaids Picasso, 2. Tazillah Iraiyavan.


Lahti Int. 22.4.2011
Eeva Resko, Finland

Potter Best Dog -2.

Aziz Cane Zadan in Lahti Int


Vaasa Int 10.4.2011
Judge Gerry Hickey, Ireland

Potter Best Dog -2.


New photos

20.2.2011New photos

Tuusniemi 20.2.2011
Judge Maret Kärdi, Estonia

Potter BOB




Potter runner up 'Champion of Champions'

Potter's kids great results:

Aziz Ihsan 'Ice':
13.2.2011 Letohallen (Norway) Benny Blid von Schedvin (Sweden) BD-1, CAC, BOB, Best In Group-4! Ice has 3 shows, 3 CACs.

Aziz Inas 'Hiiri'
22.1.2011 Trencin INT (Slovakia), Iveta Vojteková (Slovakia)
Best junior, Best In Show-3-junior!

9/1/2011 Potter is BOS Saluki of the Year 2010 in Finland
and Saluki of Beauty and Performance 2010: Joni's Commemorial Trophy
8/1/2011 New photos from Aziz I2-litter
8/1/2011 New photos
8/1/2011 Potter BOS in Kajaani Int. Judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland.

24/10 Potter BOS in Seinäjoki Int Dog Show

Potter BOS & Aziz Fazel BOB with judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland. Photo Pasi Soininen.
Stories in Finnish
16/10 Potter is winner of Hailuoto Lure Coursing!

Photo Jaakko Stenroos,
27/9 New photos.
25/9 Potter got his third CAC in LC competition in Helsinki.

Jago got 3 points too little for veteran final but enjoyed to run.


11/9 Kuopio Coursing
All our three salukis had fun and Potter got best points ot them.

Takhta, Aziz Yadawari

Aziz Shalil. Well, she isn't our saluki ;-)

Potter, his son Aziz Inam and mother Aziz Shalil in the same pictures.

8/8 Potter BOS in Kuopio Int - HOT HOT HOT! Over 30 degrees Celsius.
Potter puppies
19/7 Photos of Potter puppies
17/7 Potter BOS in Helsinki Sighthoud Specialty under Mr. Björn Frizt, Germany, out of 70 entries.

11/7 Potter BOS in Oulu Int.

BOB Aziz Xanom and BOS Potter, Aziz Cane Zadan with judge Tapio Eerola.

BIS-2 Breeder Group Kennel Aziz,
Aziz Cane Zadan, Aziz Ehsan, Aziz Fazel and Aziz Xanom.

10/7 Potter Best Dog -2 in Oulu Int, BOB was his brother Aziz Chakad.

Judge Mr. Fernando M Rodrigues and BIS Breeder Group Kennel Aziz,
Aziz Chakad, Aziz Ehsan, Aziz Cane Zadan and Aziz Xanom.
12/6 Potter BOS in Finnish Saluki Specialty out of 158 salukis!

BOB CH El Hamrah Evona and BOS Ch Aziz Cane Zadan
11/6 Year has gone and we have to give back some prizes to Finnish Saluki Club. That painting we'll miss... Jago's BIS Working saluki Prize from Finnish Saluki Show 2009. It was perfect on the wall of our livingroom.

Jago and Potter, Aziz Uzziah and Aziz Cane Zadan
31/5 Potter BOS in Joensuu INT 30.5.2010
23/5 Potter is Finnish Lure Coursing Derby Winner 2010!

18/4 Potter Best Dog -2 in Vaasa INT out of 20 dogs, judge Jelena Kruus, Estonia.
15/4 Photos - spring
10/4 Potter-Wanda puppies born.
25/3 Tak-h-ta 5 years
Happy birthday, you dear little Worm Guy, Kahvimato

21/3 Tampere Int, judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg:
Jago EXC, Potter BOS with CACIB out of 30+28 entries.

20/3 New photos
14/2 Potter EE CC in Tallinn
07/2 Potter & Wanda

28/1 New photos
09/1 2010 Kajaani Int, judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
Potter Best Male 2 with res-CACIB.
23/12 2009 Paddy Potter ate half of the roast planned to serve on Christmas.
Johtaja pistätteli joulukinkustamme puolet.
23/12 Paddy Potter   Young Saluki of the Year 2009 in Finland.
#3 Saluki of the Year 2009  in Finland
#3 Most Winning Saluki of the Year 2009 in Finland

See the Challenge Trophies 2009 here.

13/12 Helsinki Int 13.12.
Judge Adrian Landarte, Uruguay
Potter Best Male 2

Potter was handled by Janette Jalkanen - thanks!

Potter and Jago participated also in Nordic Junior Handler Competition.  

Nordic Junior Handler Winner 2009
Hilde Fredriksson from Finland with Potter
Judge Thomas Wastiaux, Czech Rebublic.

See more photos from Junior Handler Competition here.
12/12 Helsinki Int 12.12.
Judge Francesco Cochetti, Italy

Potter Best Male 4, Jago 3. in champion class

Potter was handled by Sanja Ekblad - thanks!
30/11 Turku Int 29.11.
Potter BIS-4 from among almost 4500 dogs!
Potter finnished his International Champion title!
His sister Aziz Cashme Best Bitch -2 with CACIB
and mother Aziz Shalil Best Bitch -3

See video clip

Photo Mikko Samuli
21/11 Jyväskylä Int 21.11, judge was Ewa Stolarska from Poland
Potter Best Male 3 out of 36 males but...

BOB was his brother, Aziz Chakad!

BOB Aziz Chakad, BOS Aziz Xanom

Brothers Aziz Chakad and Aziz Cane Zadan

Potter with Pinja
8/11 Tarto Int 7.-8.11.
Takhta finished his C.I.B. with double BOS, CACIB's and EE CH

CH Aziz Yadawari and double Int Ch Aziz Qaside
2009-10-25 Seinäjoki Int:
Potter Best Male 2

Photo Sanja Ekblad


2009-10-17 Hailuoto Coursing:
BIS Working Saluki in Finnish Saluki Specialty 2009 is now also Finnish Veteran Coursing Champion 2009. Jago got CC with points 484 and was placed 1/12.

Potter got his first coursing CC and was placed 2/14.

Photos Jaakko Stenroos,


2009-10-15 Unofficial coursing, Makkarajuoksut, October 10:
Potter had the best points of all, 97 (max. 100p)

Jago had fun too, 91p.

Dogs run alone, but Jago not. He had an invisible friend with him, from beginning till the end...   ?! Something strange in his run.

2009-09-26 Some new photos added. Stories in Finnish.
2009-09-2009 Tampere G1&10
Judge Harry Tast, Finland
Potter Best Dog -4


2009-09-12 Kuopio lure coursing
Potter 231 + 152 = 383 points, 6/12

2009-08-16 Mustiala G10. 70 salukis.
Judge Arne Foss, Norway
Potter BOS

Potter was handled by Janette Jalkanen.
Thanks a lot, Janette.
2009-08-15 Mustiala Int'l Coursing
Potter #8 with 470 points, Jago #19 with 417 points.

2009-08-08 Mäntyharju,
Judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
Potter BOB, Best in Group 3 (judge Pirkko Konttinen)

Kuva Anna Kinnunen
2009-08-02 Iisalmi INT,
Judge Blav Kavcic, Slovenia
Potter BOB, CACIB and Best in Group 3 (judge Markku Kipinä)

Potter was handled by Stina Jalkanen and Pasi Soininen.
Thanks a lot, Stina and Pasi.
2009-07-25 Photos from Skokloster Summer Show.
2009-07-25 Skokloster Summer Show, Lövudden, Sweden
Judge Linda Scanlon, USA
Jago Champion Class winner and Best Male -4

Jago was handled by Renata Ewa Goel from Norway. Well done, Renata!

Potter was placed #7 in champion class in both shows from among 21 and 17 champions.

2009-07-05 Kokkola Int
Judge Anette Edlander, Sweden
Potter gained his Finnish and Swedish Champion title.

2009-06-28 Gälliware Int, Sweden
Judge Stelios Makaritis, Greece
Potter Best Dog -2 with CAC and res-CACIB ( -> CACIB)

2009-06-07 Finnish Saluki Show
Potter Best Dog -3, BIS Intermediate and BIS Head under judge Meike DeHaney, Germany

Best Dog-3                               BIS Intermediate handled by Pasi Soininen

BIS  head. Photo Tuire Kantoluoto
2009-06-06 Finnish Saluki Specialty, judge Roberto Forsoni, Italy
- Jago Best Dog -3 and BIS-Working Class saluki
- Potter got his 14 CC's 

The Best Working Class Salukis: Aziz Velayat BOS and Jago BOB

Potter CC
2009-05-26 Photos
2009-05-23 Potter BOS with CC and CACIB in Helsinki Int'l Dog Show

2009-05-21 Jago #3 in Kajaani coursing.

Potter and Takhta run too ;) ...Takhta had his dreaming day and Potter too small muzzle.

2009-03-31  Something new on Potter's page
2009-03-30  New photos: Collection 3 - Spring
2009-03-21 'Latvian Winner 2009' in Riga:
Paddy Potter Best of Group under the judge Steven Seymour, handled by Janette Jalkanen. What a pity that we could not stay for the BIS finals! Thanks for your handling, Janette!
See video clip!

2009-02-17 New photos, stories (in Finnish)
2009-01-11 Kajaani INT: Potter CC, CACIB, BOB and BIG-4

Photo Sirkku Moilanen
2009-01-03      Paddy Potter   Young Saluki of the Year in Finland.
                          Saluki of the Year  #5  in Finland
                          Most Winning Saluki of the Year  #5  in Finland

                          See the Challenge Trophies 2008 here.

2008-12-31 Photos
2008-12-15 Helsinki Int: Paddy Potter Finnish Junior Winner -08
2008-12-12 Photos: The Sacred Cats of Birma
2008-11-30  Photos
2008-11-28  Stories in Finnish
2008-11-23 Jyväskylä INT: Paddy Potter res-CC, Jago #3 in the Champion Class.
2008-11-09      Paddy Potter CC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-4 in Tartu

2008-11-0 Paddy Potter BOS with CAC in Lahti
2008-10-18 Takhta has injured in a cat accident.
Poor Tak-h-tiken, 10 stiches in his groin!
2008-10-12 Jago 5 years! Happy birthday to the whole Aziz U-litter!

2008-10-04      Playful lure coursing game of our own club:
Potter was placed second!

Photo Sirkku Moilanen


Track racing:Jago became a winner on the track while running with the famous Aziz Qaside in her last track race. Also Paddy Potter did well: the solo-race  accepted.


2008-09-15 Head photos
2008-09-13 Takhta the Worm Guy did better than ever in lure coursing in Kuopio: #5 from among of 17 salukis with points 492 (winner´s points 503).
2008-08-17  Heinola: Paddy Potter Best Male -2 with CAC out of 27 males.
2008-08-16 Drammen INT, Norway:
Jago BOS with CACIB, CAC, Norwegian Champion title and Crufts Qualification. Judge Lotta Brun, Norway.

Photo Ingunn Solberg Eriksson


2008-08-10 Saarijärvi: Paddy Potter BOS with CAC
Son and his mother Bests of the Breed:  BOS Aziz Cane Zadan and BOB Aziz Shalil. Judge Leni Finne, Finland.

2008-08-03 Three Internation Dog Shows in Kuopio: Paddy Potter 3 x CAC  (2 x Best Male -2, once Best Male -4), Takhta Best Male-4 with Res-CACIB


2008-07-04 World Dog Show in Stockholm
Jago second best male from amongst of 51 males with res-CACIB, CAC and Swedish Champion title judged by Norman Huidobro-Corbet and handled by Darin Collins.


2008-06-27: Saluki World Congress in Mustiala
Paddy Potter BOS in Saluki Specialty from amongst 95 males
- at the age of one year!


2008-06-14 Forssa Int: Paddy Potter Best Male -3 with CC
2008-06-07 Pieksämäki: Paddy Potter Best Male -4
2008-05-02 New photos
2008-05-25 Helsinki Int: Paddy "Mr Reserve Certificate" Potter Res-CC, BOB-junior
2008-05-18 Joensuu Int: Paddy Potter Res-CC
2008-05-17 Joensuu: Paddy Potter Best Male -3 with Res-CC
2008-05-02 New photos
Jyväskylä Int: Paddy Potter Best Male -4 with Res-CC
and BOB Junior, Jago #4 in Champion Class
2008-04-17 Current photos, various shots and old stories
2008-03-24 Lappeenranta Int: Paddy Potter  "Best Male 5" with Res-CC

Vilna: Paddy Potter in his first official show: BIS-2 junior and Ltu JW-08, Crufts Qualified.
Takhta Res-Cacib (will be confirmed as CACIB).
2008-03-03 Current photos
2008-02-27 Photos of Jago, Takhta, Taskuleijona
2008-02-26 Current photos
2008-02-06 Current photos

Turku Int: Paddy Potter BOB-puppy,
Takhta #3 in Champion Class

Takhta Best Male -4 in Kajaani Int 2008-01-06,
new photo of Paddy Potter
2007-12-02 Paddy Potter BIS-2 in Helsinki Puppy Show
2007-11-27 New photos (Puppies and Various shots)
2007-11-13 New photos (Seaside)
2007-11-09 New photos (Movement)
Some photos added (Grace).
2007-11-06 Pages has been published. Some links still inactive.