Skokloster Summer Show 2009, Lövudden



Some of the pictures has picked up from Salukibar, Skokloster Summer Show,
photos by Erik Watz.

Aziz Qaside, Kassinen, with owners Tanu and Pirjo Savolainen.


Kassinen placed #3 in Veteran bitches on both shows.

Handler of the future.


Takhta tries so hard to be winner in the ring.

He was... to us.    :-)

Champion Class, males. Jago and Potter.

Ladies having fun in the ring. Renata and Pinja with Jago and Potter.

Then comes the judge.


Jago, Aziz Uzziah


Pinja and Potter.


Champion Class males.

Jago with Renata.




Potter and Pinja.

Jago won the champion class


Sirpa, Renata and Jago.




Best male ring

Jago Best Male -4

Sharwassim Akilah Bint Shaitaan, Potter's halfsister, with owner Sandra.

In Skokloster.

Rabbit? Or something?