Salukis Aziz Uzziah, Aziz Yadawari and Aziz Cane Zadan: Paddy Potter's Achievements


The main results of Paddy Potter





Joensuu 8.-10.8.2013: Group 1 & 3/10: Best Dog under Mr. Nebosja Savicic, Serbia. Joensuu Int: Best Dog -2 under Mr. György Tesics, Hungary and Best Dog -3 under Mr. Tino Pehar, Croatia.



Iisalmi Int 4.8.2013, Best Dog -3 under Mr. Hans Almgren, Sweden..



Ylivieska Int 20.7.2013, BOS under Mrs. Saija Juutilainen, Finland.


Finnish Saluki Specialty 2013

Potter did it again!!! He was the Best Male at the Saluki Show 2013. This was his fourth Best Male win during Specialty weekends!

Saluki Show 8.6.2013, Potter BOS under Mrs. Lisa Hudson, Great Britain, 131 salukis in the ring.


Potter BOS & Sunfire Fahimah Al-Nil BIS.


Saluki Specialty 8.6.2013, Potter Best Dog -4 under Mr. John Hudson, Great Britain, 165 salukis in the ring.




Tuusniemi Group 2, 3 &10 24.2.2013, Best Dog -2 under Mr. Åke Cronander, Sweden.



Kuopio Int 25.5.2013, Best Dog -3 under Mr. George Kostopoulos, Greece.



Lappeenranta 1.4.2013, Best Dog -3 under Mrs. Leni Finne, Finland.



Tuusniemi Group 2, 3 &10 24.2.2013, Best Dog -2 under Mr. Åke Cronander, Sweden.



Helsinki Int 9.12.2012, Best Dog -2 under Mrs. Lotta Brun, Norway. 82 salukis in the ring.



Helsinki Int 8.12.2012, Best Dog-2 Mrs. Pamela Mottershaw, Great Britain. 74 salukis in the ring.


Turku Int. 21.10.2012, judge Cristophe Coppel, France, Potter BOS.

In the champion class.

In the champion class.

In the champion class.

Winner of the champion class.

Aziz Fazel BOB, judge Cristophe Coppel, France and Potter BOS.


Porvoo 9.9.2012. Potter BOB and BIG-3, judges Hans Almgren, Sweden and Matti Luoso, Finland.

Best in Group -3

Best in Group -3

Potter BOB, Judge Hans Almgren, Sweden and BOS Aziz Jalila.


Sawo Show, Kuopio 3.-5.8.2012

Best of Group -2 on Sunday, judges Birgitta Svarstad, Sweden (breed) and Rony Doedinjs, The Netherlands.

In final rings on Sunday.

4.8.2012, Potter BOB and Aziz Ishtar (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) BOS under judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland. Aziz Ishtar finished her Finnish Champion title in Kuopio.

5.8.2012 Potter BOB and Aziz Fazel BOS under judge Birgitta Svarstad, Sweden.

5.8.2012, Potter Best Dog, Aziz Ihsan (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) BD-2 and Aziz Inam (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) BD-3, Aziz Uzziah BD-4. Aziz Ihsan and Aziz Inam finished their Finnis Champion titles in Kuopio.

Let me out, there's bitches in the ring!!

Playtime after hard show weekend.



Tammsvik, Swedish Saluki Specialty, 28.7.2012, Potter was placed third with CK in quite big Champion Class (17 dogs) under judge Norm Strathdee, Australia.

Potter was handled by Janette Jalkanen, thank you!

Potter and Ice, Aziz Ihsan. Father and son, in the champion ring. Ice got 4. placement in the class.



Joensuu national, 26.5.2012, Potter BOS under judge Christian Vantu, Romania and Joensuu Int 27.5.2012, Potter Best Dog -3 under Beatrix Märki-Casanova, Switzerland. Potter's son Aziz Inam got CAC on both days and lacks one CAC of champion title.


Lahti Int Dog Show 29.4.2012.
Potter was BOB under judge Säde Hohteri, Finland and later BIG-4 under judge Marie-Christine Delabelle, Belgium. 80 salukis in the ring.

BOS Aziz Xanom, Säde Hohteri and BOB Aziz Cane Zadan, Potter.

In the final ring.




Vaasa Int 15.4.2012.
Potter was BOS under judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland.



Lappeenranta 9.4.2012.
Potter was BOS under judge Tino Pehar, Croatia.




Kaarina G10, 3.3.2012.
Potter BD-2 from among 28 saluki males under judge Henrik Härling, Sweden.



Tuusniemi G1, 3&10, 25.2.2012.
Potter was BOB, Best in Group 3&10 and finally BIS-2!

Aziz Cane Zadan
Potter BOB and his doughter Aziz Ishtar (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) BOS, judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Potter in the group ring with Pasi Soininen and judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Group 3&10 Winner

Aziz Cane Zadan
Potter BIS-2 under judge Kurt Nilsson, Sweden


Turku Int Dog Show 21.1.2012.
Potter was Best Dog -2 under judge Matti Tuominen, Finland.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Nicky.


Kajaani Int Dog Show 14.1.2012.
Potter was BOS under judge Zorija Salijevic.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Photo Sanja Ekblad.


Potter had wonderful year 2011! He is the best saluki male of the year in Finland, the most winning saluki male of the year, TOP-saluki of the year (BOB placements), the best saluki male in shows + coursing in Finland and also the third best sighthound of the year!

BIS in Finnish Saluki Specialty.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Runner-up in Champion of Champions Gala, photo Sanja Ekblad.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Group and BIS placements. Photo Dagmar Klein.

Aziz Cane Zadan
Great feelings and happyness in the rings.


Potter was BOB under judge Frank Kane, UK and later Potter was also Best in Group -2.

Aziz Cane Zadan BOB, Aziz Fazel BOS

Photo Sanja Ekblad.

Jyväskylä Int 19.11.2011
Potter's son Aziz Ijaz (Aziz Cane Zadan x Aziz Vajahat) was BOS with CAC and CACIB under judge Robert Blümel, Austria. Potter was BD-3

Aziz Ijaz
Aziz Ijaz, BOS with CAC and CACIB. Photo Sanja Ekblad.

Seinäjoki Int
Judge Petter Fodstadt from Norway liked Potter and made him BOB and BIG-2. BOS was Aziz Fazel. 38 saluki were entered.

BOB Potter & BOS Aziz Fazel. Photo Sanja Ekblad.

Aziz Cane Zadan

Best Male placements: Potter, brother Hugo, Aziz Chakad, Aziz Sardar, Aziz Halil (Potters and Hugos half brother)

Sighthound Specialty, Tampere, 18.9.2011, judge Stephen Wheeler, Sweden.

Potter Best Male -2.

Potter in the ring with Pasi Soininen. Thank you for your help!

Kuopio Int'l Dog Show, 6.8.2011, judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland, in group Saija Juutilainen, Finland.

Potter BOB and BIG-3.

Photo PaS & SE

Finnish Saluki Specialty, 11.6.2011, judge Säde Hohteri, Finland.

Potter SBIS.

Potter in champion class.

Smiling saluki in the ring.

Movements in champion class.

It was a HOT day! Potter in wet towels waits for the Best Male ring.

And they all had so fun in the ring...

... and after the whole Specialty day!

Hamina Int, 22.5.2011, judge Martin Baskaran, Spain. Potter Best Dog-2.

Helsinki Int, 21.5.2011. Potter BOB, Group Winner and Best In Show -2!
Judges Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden and Rony Doedijns (The Netherlands).

Group Winner, Potter with Rony Doedijns and Pinja. Photo Sanja Ekblad.

In the group ring.

In the group ring.

Harjumaa, Estonia, 15.5.2011. Potter is the winner of international lure coursing competition.

Tampere Int 8.5.2011, judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Spain.
Best Dog -2.

Potter had few boring moments between his silly raging in the ring.

Ylistaro, Suomi-Cup Coursing 7.5.2011, coursing for the best
Finnish coursing sighthounds.
After two hours yowling for the lure Potter made two beautiful runs and
was third with points 477 and CQ.

Photo Karoliina Heikkinen

Lappeenranta Int 23.4.2011
judge Ivana Bakal, Croatia.
Champion Class 4 with CQ and Aziz Izzah Junior Class 1 CQ.


Helmi, Aziz Izzah

Lahti Int 22.4.2011
judge Eeva Resko, Finland.
Best Dog -2.

Vaasa Int 10.4.2011
judge Gerry Hickey, Ireland. Potter 's placement was Best Dog -2.

He had a great day, fun and maybe too much too good food.

Tuusniemi Group Show, Potter BOB

BOB Potter, Mared Kärdi, Estonia and BOS Aziz Xanom.

CoC & VoV Gala 2011, The most successful showdogs in Finland competing for the title "Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans" 12.2.2011. The judges were Marja Talvitie and Saija Juutilainen from Finland and András Korózs from Hungary.

Potter runner up 'Champion of Champions'

See video clip in YouTube by © Whiptails here

Kajaani Int'l Dog Show 8.1.2011
Potter BOS

Aziz Fazel BOB, judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Aziz Cane Zadan BOS.

See video clip HERE

Seinäjoki Int'l Dog Show 24.10.2010
Potter BOS from among 29 salukis.

Photo PaS

Aziz BOB breeder. Aziz Darman, Aziz Chakad, Aziz Shalil, Aziz Cane Zadan.


Hailuoto Lure Coursing 16.10.2010
Potter was winner with points 245+251=496. He got his 4th CACC with an effective and beautiful run.
- results on web sites of Sattuman Kennel  
- video clip (preliminaries Aziz Uzziah & Sharraque Asvinn and finals Potter & Sharraque Asvinn)

Photos above by Jaakko Stenroos,

Award presentation took place at night.

Helsinki Lure Coursing 25.9.2010
Potter was placed 5/24 with points (239+240=479, CACC).

Kuopio Lure Coursing 11.9.2010
Potter was placed 4/9 with points (228+244, SA, kennelpiirin mestari).

Potter in full speed

Kuopio Triple Int 6.-8.8.2010
6.8. Judge Ann Ingram, UK - Potter Best male -2.
8.8. Judge Marja Talvitie, FI, Potter BOS.

BOS Aziz Cane Zadan, Mrs. Marja Talvitie, BOB Aziz Fazel

Helsinki Sighthound Specialty 17.7.2010
Judge Björn Fritz, Potter BOS out of 70 salukis.

Oulu Int 11.7.2010
Potter BOS under judge Tapio Eerola, Finland. Kennel Aziz BIS-2 Breeder.

Oulu Int 10.7.2010
Judge Paolo Dondina, Italy. Aziz Chakad BOB, Potter Best Male -2.
Kennel Aziz BIS Breeder.


Happy birthday Potter!
Potter is now three years old.


Finnish Saluki Specialty 12.6.2010.
Potter made it again!
BOS under judges Carole Beyerle, USA, (dogs) and Sharon Kinney, USA, (bitches and BIS) out of 158 salukis. His last BOS in Specialty is from the year 2008.

This lovely pic has been taken by Salla Kuikka.

El Ubaid's Picasso and Potter.

Give me, give me, give me... Lets others take care of prizes, I'll take care of food.


Joensuu Int 30.5.2010,
BOS with CACIB under Leni Finne.
Because of awful rain no photos were taken.


Finnish Lure Coursing Derby 2010 23.5.2010
Potter is made for beauty and performance: LC Derby Winner 2010!
Potter got his second coursing CC.

Well, he is not so beautiful in this picture. After first run came rain and storm, and you can see that in his face: "Take me away from this thunder, take me home"

First run in the sunshine, happy and beautiful runner.

Up we go, over all fences!



Tampere Int, 21.3.2010
BOS, CACIB under Carl-Gunnar Stafberg.

Potter loves attention - in any situation.



Tallinn G10, 13.2.2010
Best Male -2 with CC under Mrs. Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne.
Potter became Estonian Champion.



Year 2009
Young Saluki of the Year in Finland

3# Saluki of the Year in Finland
3# Most Winning Saluki of the Year in Finland
Joni's and Leevi's Trophies for Beauty and Performance

Helsinki INT, 2009-12-12
Judge Francesco Cochetti, Italy, 42+38 salukis.
Potter Best Male 2.

Janette Jalkanen with Potter

Nordic Junior Handler Winner 2009
Hilde Fredriksson and Potter with judge Thomas Wastiaux, Czech Republic

Helsinki INT
, 2009-12-12
Judge Francesco Cochetti, Italy, 46+42 salukis.
Potter Best Male 4.

Sanja Ekblad with Potter

Turku INT
, 2009-11-29
Potter BIS-4, judge was Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden.

See video clip.

Photo Mikko Samuli

Group Winner with judge Noreen Harris, Australia

BOB from among 52 salukis, with CACIB, finnishing his International Champion title, C.I.B. Judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland.


Photo Sanja Ekblad

Photo Sanja Ekblad

Potter spent  time during the long show day with his new duck.

Photo Sanja Ekblad


Seinäjoki INT
, 2009-10-25
Judge Magnus Hagstedt, Sweden
Potter Best Male 2 from among 23 males, with CACIB.

Photo Sanja Ekblad


Hailuoto Coursing
, 2009-10-16
240+255=495 points, 2/14 with CC. Winner's points were 498!!!
Potter got his first CC in his fourth coursing!

Potter and Mu'azzaz Aswad in the first run. Photo Marko Rantanen.

Tampere G1&10
, 2009-09-20
Judge Harry Tast, Finland
Best Dog -4
Potter was handled by Sanja Ekblad. Thank you, Sanja!

But what happened now in the ring Potter, what did you do there? Sniffed around or played and hung on to Sanjas hand, like a junior in the champion class.  You silly heartbreaker!

Kuopio lure coursing, 2009-09-12
231 + 152 = 383 points, 6/12.
What happened in the final, Potter? Any case, fun he had in the field  ;-)

Mustiala, 2009-08-16
Potter BOS

Potter in the ring after a long coursing day - "fantastiska sidorörelser"
(fantastic side movement), said judge Arne Foss. Well done Upa,
your warm-down after coursing worked!

Potter BOS, Kirman Vidya BOB

Mustiala Int'l Coursing, 2009-08-15
Potter #8, 470 points

Photo Minna Pikkarainen

Run is fun - Potter and his smile.
Photo Minna Pikkarainen

Photo Minna Pikkarainen
, 2009-08-08
Judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
BOB, Best of Group 3 (judge Pirkko Konttinen)

Iisalmi INT, 2009-08-02
Judge Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia
BOB, CACIB and Best in Group 3 (judge Markku Kipinä)

Potter had fun in the hot and rainy group ring with Pasi.

Kokkola Int, 2009-07-04
Judge Anette Edlander, Sweden

Potter gained his Finnish and Swedish champion title with BOS, CC and CACIB.

BOB was again Aziz Xanom, handled by Eko Manninen (Stina's husband).

New champion was very well aware of his new status.

Feelings from Kokkola, it was cold and very windy day.

Gälliware Int, Sweden

Judge Stelios Makaritis, Greece
Potter Best Males 2 with CC and res-CACIB (->CACIB)

Finnish Saluki Show,
Helsinki, 2009-06-07

Judge Meike DeHaney, Germany

Potter Best Male -3

Aziz Didar BOS Intermediate &  Potter BIS Intermediate

BIS head: Meike DaHaney, Potter and Pasi Soininen.
Thank you for handling, Pasi!

'Best Head' by Potter

Finnish Saluki Specialty,
Helsinki, 2009-06-06

Judge Roberto Forsini, Italy

Potter got his 14th CC and just like specialty 2008:
'Raindrops keep falling on their heads...'


Helsinki Int, 2009-05-23
Judge Markku Mähönen, Finland



Kajaani coursing, 2009-05-21

Potter did quite well in his first lure coursing, but unfortunately it went to pot because of uncomfortable muzzle. Just 100 meters before the finish he tried to take it off in full speed and fell down.  


Latvian Winner 2009 in Riga, 2009-03-21
Judge Steven Seymour, Australia

Potter CC, CACIB, BOB, LvW-09 and Best in Group -1
(could not stay for the BIS finals)
See Potter winning the group: video clip.


Kajaani Int, 2009-01-11
Judge Tomasz Borkowski, Poland

Potter CC, CACIB, BOB and Best in Group -4 (under judge Pirkko Konttinen, Finland)

BOS Aziz Xanom and BOB Aziz Cane Zadan. Photo Sirkku Moilanen.


Memories from the year 2008



Helsinki Int, 2008-12-14
Judge Paul Stanton, Sweden

Finnish Junior Winner -08, CC, Best Male -3



Tarto Int'l Dog Show, 2008-11-09
Judge Arne Foss, Norway

See here: Potter in BIS ring with the judge Brenda Banbury, UK.

Before the BIS ring and after it



Lahti 2008-11-01
Judge Harry Tast, Finland

Paddy Potter BOS with CAC. See his movements here
From critique: "Self-confident character". ...yes, we have noticed that. At home we use to call him The Boss. Confident in every situation. And he never asks anything, just waits for the service, like it would be his birthright.


Heinola 2008-08-17
Judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium

Potter Best Male -2 with CAC out of 27 males,
handled by Jani Häkkinen. Thanks again.


Saarijärvi 2008-08-10
Judge Leni Finne, Finland

Paddy Potter BOS with CC


Kuopio 2008-08-01 - 2008-08-03
Judges: Saija Juutilainen (FIN), Douglas A. Johnson (USA), Per Iversen (NOR)

Paddy Potter 3 x CC, twice Best Dog -2, once Best Dog-4
- 2 x lost CACIB, because of his age


Finnish Saluki Specialty, 2008-06-27
Judges: Per Lundström, Sweden / Christina Roseen-Lundström, Sweden
Rosemary Lewis, UK

Paddy Potter BOS

Best Dog under Judge Christina Roseen-Lundström, Sweden


Forssa INT, 2008-06-14
Judge Petru Muntean, Romania

Paddy Potter Best Dog - 3 with CAC

Potter was handled by Salla Suokas - thank you Salla!


Jyväskylä Int, 2008-04-19
Judge Steven Seymoor, Australia

Paddy Potter Best Dog -4 with Res-CAC from among of
34 males and  BOB Junior from among 14 juniors.

Aziz Cane Zadan BOB-Junior and Aziz Cashme BOS-junior in Jyväskylä Int


Lappeenranta Int, 2008-03-24
Judge Marija Kavcic, Slovakia

Paddy Potter #1 in Junior Class and 5. in Best Dog -ring
with Res-CAC from among about 20 males.


Vilnius Int'l Dog Show, 2008-03-17
Judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium

BOB-jun, handled by Jani Häkkinen
Thank you for your help, Jani!


Vilnius Int'l Dog Show, 2008-03-16
Judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden

BOB-jun, Ltu JW-08 (Crufts Qualified), BIS-2 Junior
handled by S. Tavasti and Jani Häkkinen


Turku Int, 2008-01-27
Judge Martin Croeser, RSA

Aziz Cane Zadan, 7 months
BOB puppy from among 6 puppies


Helsinki Puppy Show, 2007-12-02
Judge Leni Nousiainen, Finland

Aziz Cane Zadan 5 months
BOB, BIG, BIS-2 from among over 650 puppies
BOB Puppy with Salla Suokas

Aziz Cane Zadan & Aziz Chanda
Aziz Cane Zadan & Aziz Chanda

Aziz Salukis: Aziz Cane Zadan, Aziz Chakad, Aziz Cashme, Aziz Chanda
Kennel Aziz, BIS-4 Breeder's Group

 & Sanja Ekblad
BIS-2 with Sanja Ekblad

Special thanks to the handlers!