Salukis Aziz Uzziah, Aziz Yadawari and Aziz Cane Zadan: Potter the Puppy

When Paddy Potter came to town...

Memories from those days when Potter was a little puppy


In the begining he was so tiny. 

But he had sharp teeth. We used  to call him 'Taskuleijona', Pocket Lion.

Aziz Cane Zadan - Paddy Potter Taskuleijona

He was perpetual-motion machine.

Finnsh text in the shirt: 'Son of a gun'.

Definite Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) -case.
Below goes breeders crown plantings.

He was forever in the troubles.

And had always something on process.

Movement didn't stop, not even if he was asleep.

But so sweet he was, a real lap-dog.

As a puppy he had talents.

He still have.


As a matter of fact, Potter has'nt changed much by growing up. He has just become much more energic and productive - in every way.